Volumen 6

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01 The world’s last ruler


The object of this sermon is to explain the meaning of Daniel 2 and its relation to the history of the world; to show the relationship between the prophecy of the nations and the last ruler of the world: Jesus Christ. To build confidence in the Holy Scriptures.

02 The infallible book about God


The object of this sermon is to show that the Bible is the word of God; that it gives hope to humanity for a better life here and hereafter. The Bible is the guidebook to abundant life right now and to eternal life in the future. It tells us how to live, how to have power in our lives. It is the story of Jesus, the loveliest story ever told, and how He can bring light and joy into our lives.

03 God made you different


The object of this sermon is to emphasize the value of man in the scheme of creation, the supreme gift of God in giving man the power of choice and most important, the willingness of Christ to give Himself as a sacrifice to preserve that right. “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1. This is the simple, direct statement of the beginning of all creation insofar as this earth is concerned.

04 In space without a space suit


Constantly we are bombarded by the media with facts and predictions that are put together to convince us that, given time enough, this world is going to be a perfect place in which to live. The object of this sermon is to demonstrate that the only hope for peace and perfection in this world in the future will come about through the return of Jesus, the annihilation of sin and the establishment of a restored earth.

05 When Satan goes to prison


The story of the deliverance of Israel from Egypt and their journey to the Promised Land is one of the most interesting stories in the Bible. It has a great lesson for us today if we understand it correctly. The object of this sermon is to show the parallel between Israel’s journey to the Promised Land and the plan of salvation; to sketch the final events and invite the listeners to accept Christ before it is too late.

06 The ABC of Christianity


This sermon stands as the manifesto of the King: Jesus; the constitution of the kingdom of heaven is still the manifesto of the Christian today. The Sermon on the Mount was written for all of us. The object here is to Lead people to Christ and have them understand that being a Christian means much more than what is usually believed.

07 Who was converted- the prodigal son or his brother?


The object of this sermon is to show that so-called Christians may not be really converted. Our Christian world is full of so-called born again Christians who in fact do not know much about the teachings of God’s word. To prepare people to surrender completely to Jesus, two meetings later.

08 How does one become a Christian?


The sin issue is a matter of God’s will versus our will. Many centuries of human history reveal that when our will is in control, the result is confusion, suffering, and death. In the struggle with sin, everything hinges on the right exercise of the will. The object of this sermon is to strengthen the decision to surrender completely to Jesus, in a special way.

09 God’s successful transplant


God gives us repentance and when we truly repent and are surrendered to Him, we will be ready to be buried with Christ in baptism. We have found acceptance through receiving Christ, and we also receive the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit to give us power to live the Christian life. The object of this sermon is to lead to a true born again experience, to the prayer of commitment, “I shall follow Jesus step by step, for ever.”

10 The law of liberty


Christ delighted in the law. Just as the tables of the law were in the heart of the sanctuary, so the law of God is in the heart of the gospel. Christ exemplified this in His life, for one of His missions in coming to this earth was to live the law perfectly. The object of this sermon is to show that God’s ever-existing law is still applicable today; that Jesus demonstrated that the law can be kept.