Volumen 4

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09. The unpardonable Sin


The sin against the Holy Spirit is committed when the individual who knows what is right, and persistently continues to disregard the voice of God, becomes used to turning off that voice. The conscience becomes seared. God continues to speak, but our ears become dull of hearing. The sin against the Holy Ghost…When heaven is pleased to bring us light, we are encouraged to walk in it. Failure to walk in the light God brings us, leads to darkness and confusion. In this Sermon you will find that how God has in mercy brought us new light and truth.

08. Sons Of God


The Bible makes it plain then that a person who has accepted Christ as his or her personal Savior is a Son of God. The term son is a title. This is a title for those who believe and who follow God. They’re considered the sons of God. That time will come when Christ shall appear that all who have loved him will finally be manifested as the sons of God. So whether you’re alive when Jesus appears or whether you have been dead when Jesus appears. You will all be resurrected and together you will be considered as the sons of God.

07. Undeniable Prophetic Signs


God is the only one who can accurately predict things that will be coming. And in the time of Christ, they didn’t have a GPS system, satellites hanging up around the globe that could take pictures of starting up of the hurricanes. But the Master knew exactly and precisely things that would be happening, and when they would be happening and so he said “I’m going to tell you these things before they actually happen so that when they do happen, ye might believe.” There is no question that what the scripture says is true. Christ is coming! But the question is, are you ready?

06. How to Tap Into God’s Power


Grace is the power of God, which cooperates with the will of man for the eradication of all sinful tendencies. Divine grace is a great element of saving power. It is not merely God’s mercy and willingness to forgive. It is an active, energizing, transforming power to save. God provides something wonderful. The question is why is it that you and I need grace? All of us have done something that has not been in harmony with God’s will and God has provided for us a remedy. That remedy is called Grace.

05. Revelation’s Rebirth and Renewal


When a person decides he wants to join Christ, there is like a wedding performed and that wedding is called a baptismal service. Through baptism then, a person demonstrates his acceptance of all that Christ presents through baptism as well as uniting themselves with the Savior. Identifying themselves with Christ and making it a public confession, that from here on out they are going to live for Christ. A person who understands what God is asking, and yields himself to follow through with what God has made clear, is doing so by repenting and by doing so, the person then has his sins removed by the act of baptism.

04. How To Get Rid Of Your Guilt


Guilt comes from doing something wrong and doing something wrong that the Bible usually refers to as sin. The problem is, God has a real serious problem. God is desperately anxious to save you and me. And I said desperately because for Him to have sacrificed, or allowed His son to be sacrificed for you and for me means that he was very anxious for your salvation and my salvation.

03. The Worth of a Soul


Here is no amount that can purchase the soul. So the question is, how much is the person really worth then? If the Scriptures say that no amount of money can redeem the soul, no one can give to God a ransom price for his brother because his soul is precious, then you have to ask the question then how much is the person really worth? The Bible has a few passages of scriptures that help us to understand from God’s perspective what the person is worth.

02. It Does Not Matter


There are four women in the genealogy of Christ, and what is interesting about this is that none of the women are of Jewish birth. We are going to be digging a little deeper than the surface reading because you have to ask the question. There must be a reason why God is introducing four women in a list of great people. “Why is it that God has introduced into this list these four women who are non-Jewish? These four women who are considered to be pagans?” This Sermon will take you through a little study about these particular women to help us understand what it is all about.

01. The Bible´s authors: God or man


In this Sermon we are going to be working through some prophecies, which are quite interesting and spectacular when you consider that some of the authors of the Scriptures were not very highly educated people. Some were, some were not. There were farmers, fishermen, kings, and nobles? But what is amazing is that when you read through the Bible you find only one voice.