Great Stories for Gaining Decisions

Courtesy of Pastor Louis Torres
So many… preach great sermons but make no appeals. Oftentimes, it is not because of lack of desire, rather it is the fear that no one will respond, or they feel self-reproach—who am I to appeal to people? Still others feel they are stepping on “holy ground.” In other words, this is an area relegated only to the Holy Spirit—man is to keep off this terrain. Whatever the sincere conviction or misguided notion, they serve as obstacles to successful harvesting through preaching. Perhaps it could be that those hesitant appealers have never been taught this art form or just do not know what constitutes a good appeal. They may lack material (e.g., stories, illustrations, etc.) to develop an effective closing or have not had a resource to reference.
We were told more than a century ago:
With an unction of the Holy Spirit upon him, giving him a burden for souls, he will not dismiss a congregation without presenting before them Jesus Christ, the sinner’s only refuge, making earnest appeals that will reach their hearts. He should feel that he may never meet these hearers again until the great day of God.–Testimonies, vol. 4, p. 316. (1879) 
In every discourse fervent appeals should be made to the people to forsake their sins and turn to Christ.” –Testimonies, vol. 4, p. 396. (1880)